Chiropractic for Children

Frequently I am asked about chiropract and its impact on kids. Chiropractic is essential for a young body to grow and function at its peak potential.

There are many different areas of a child’s life that can be enhanced through chiropractic. Some of the primary benefits are less pain, improved mobility and function, and a healthier and stronger immune system. Studies have shown that there is a strong correlation between spinal subluxation, the nervous system, and many problems we associate to allergies and immunity.

Through chiropractic care the subluxations of the spine, or misalignments of spinal segments, can be removed allowing the body to properly function physically and neurologically. This in turn improves the bodies ability to heal and manage the stress of illness. It has been shown that children who regularly receive chiropractic care have less frequency and severity of illness, especially with allergies, upper respiratory infections, and ear infections.

When an adjustment is performed it help the body to produce interleukin 2 which is instrumental for the body to fight infection and distinguish between bad cells and good cells. The adjustment also shows to help reduce the production of pro-inflammatory mediators in the body. The immunological benefits of chiropractic are not only for children but everyone young and old.



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