What to Expect from your First Appointment

Here at Elk River Chiropractic our mission is to not only get you feeling better, but to treat you as family every step of the way. In order to help you transition into our “Elk River Chiropractic family” we have a few key things to expect during your first visit. When arriving at the clinic you will be asked to fill out a few different forms. The information provided through this paperwork will allow us to curate a healthcare plan necessary to take care of you in the best possible way. After paperwork and payment is completed you will be guided back to a treatment room. 

All first time patients will have an overall comprehensive exam preformed prior to getting a same day adjustment. Our clinic offers same day adjustments on the first visit to reinforce our goal to get you back on track to living a pain free and healthier lifestyle. Although, we do not preform Xray’s, we are confident in our diagnostic abilities. If we feel Xray is needed, we work hand in hand with other medical facilities and are able to refer you to them.

 As stated before, our mission on the first visit is to evaluate your current state, create a custom healthcare plan based off of your personal needs and help you begin your journey of a more pain free and healthier life by starting with your first adjustment.  



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